The serenity of a well managed estate

Vaneau Gestion Privée offers a diversified and complete range of wealth and tax engineering services through a wide range of assets : tax exemption schemes, life insurance and real estate investment companies.



Our advisors' mission is to protect, grow and pass on your assets while respecting the ethical principles inherent to wealth management. To achieve this, they combine three essential dimensions: the relevance of our technical advice on a wide range of financial products, our independence, which allows us to propose the most appropriate solutions for your objectives in complete freedom and objectivity, and the availability of a privileged contact person who will answer all your questions in a relationship of lasting trust.


In collaboration with a network of specialized partners (lawyers, accountants, notaries, legal advisors), we propose 4 successive steps, whether to develop, boost and make your assets or those of your loved ones grow. A wealth assessment, this step constitutes the basis of our reflection which will allow us to propose solutions adapted to your situation. We will then listen to your needs and objectives, in complete confidentiality. This step allows us to understand the risks and to direct our investment proposals towards the solutions that are best suited to your expectations and interests. We will then present you with our personalized advice, according to your profile. Finally, we monitor your investments with a regular market watch. Thus, your advisor, as time goes by, will inform you of new solutions that will best serve your interests, depending on the financial conditions or the evolution of your life projects.


To save, invest, prepare for retirement, pass on or deal with life's problems, our asset managers will offer you the solutions best suited to your projects :

  • Advice on financial investments
  • Asset engineering
  • Tax optimization
  • Optimization of the transmission of assets
  • Management of company cash flow
  • Advice to company managers.

For any request for information on our offers and solutions, please contact one of our wealth consultants.

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