Do you wish to sell your property ?

Our real estate agencies offer you a custom designed and efficient marketing method, the fruit of forty years of experience in the Parisian luxury real estate market.

Vaneau, a major actor in the parisian luxury real estate market

Because selling your property is an important decision, our teams will use all their knowledge and experience to help you attain your goal : selling your property on the best terms and conditions, of both price and timeframe.

One of the leaders in the parisian luxury real estate market

With over 40 years of experience in the Parisian real estate market, and with 50% growth in the past two years (according to 2015 figures) and over 70 associates, Vaneau is one of the major actors in the luxury real estate market in Paris. 

14 agencies in Paris, Neuilly and Boulogne

Vaneau is prudently established in the most prestigious districts of Paris, both on the ‘‘rive gauche’’and on the ‘‘rive droite’’, as well as in Neuilly and in Boulogne. Our  thorough knowledge of the different Parisian sectors garantee you a valuation in perfect accord with the actual market.

A unique representative...

To garantee you optimal service, your designated Vaneau real estate advisor will be your unique representative throughout the entire process of the sale of your property. This will ensure efficient and effective response with minimum delays in regard to any problems that you may encounter, whether legal or administrative.

...supported by multidisciplinary services

Your Vaneau advisor is entirely supported by the marketing, legal and estate management departments, garanteeing optimum services in all circumstances.

A strong international development

The Vaneau Group comprises 21 agencies in France, 2 agencies in Brussels and 2 agencies in China, in Hong Kong and Beijing.
Vaneau is closely partnered with Juwaï, leading real estate portal in China.
Vaneau is also a member of the Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate, international network,  uniting over 1200 luxury real estate agencies globally.

Our marketing methods

The fruit of over 40 years experience, our marketing methods are carefully customised to the real estate market, and especialy tailored to  your project and the reality of the real estate market.

Over one or several meetings with you at the agency or in your home, your Vaneau advisor will personalize the most effective marketing approach to achieve the sale.

Valuing property for sale

Setting the right price for your property will make all the difference in the market.

The right pricing will allow you to sell your property in the ideal conditions, as regards to both timeframe and price.

To identify the best selling price of your property, our agents rely on our deep knowledge of the local real estate market and its history, as well as our continually updated internal maketing tools.

Our special asset : a client portfolio with over 15 000 possible purchasers

Our client portfolio is a vital advantage in achieving the sale of your property.

Providing an exclusive rights mandate allows a wider circulation within this portfolio, exclusive rights mandates are systematically given priority in our CRM.

Our strenght : a network of efficient agencies

Our agencies in Paris work from a common file.

This allows each and every one of the Vaneau advisors to offer your property to their client base.

The synergies we maintain with our international agencies and the 1 200 membres of the international network,  Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate, significantly increases the number of potential foreign purchasers in our portfolio.

Photographs & vidéos

For a number of years, Vaneau has called upon photographers, videographers and professional planners in order to put your property in the best possible light for sale, whether in the press or on the internet.

Communication : our Vaneau medium

With over 20 000 visits per month, our website,, provides the spearhead of our digital eco-system.

It is strengthened and complemented by numerous marketing tools : newsletters, mail alerts, social networks, video channels...

Communication : portals and the press

After a marketing strategy has been defined with your Vaneau advisor, your property will be circulated on many, if not all the main real estate portals, as well as in the appropriate high-end press channels.

Communication : our international clientele

Vaneau will offer your property to its foreign clientbase through its website (with 20% of foreign visitors), its agencies overseas, its partnerships with major international portals (in over 50 countries via Worldposting), and property shows in which they are present...

The exclusif rights mandat

Choosing an exclusive rights mandate will permit Vaneau to put an elaborate marketing strategy into place, projecting your property foward in order to achieve a sale.

A customised assistance

Your Vaneau advisor will provide you with precise activity-reports on the sale of your property, in order to adapt its marketing strategy in real time in accordance with the evolution of the market. Your advisor will assists you throughout the entire process, up until the signing of the notarial documents, ensuring that the sale process unfolds in optimum conditions.


Vaneau is commited to offering the best service with full confidentiality and respecting a strict code of ethics.


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