real estate since 1972

Over the past two years, a strategy of ambitious development has increased Vaneau Immobilier’s activity by over 55%.

Well established in Paris with 14 agencies located in the prestigious districts of Paris ( Odéon, Marais, Trocdéro...), as well as in Neuilly and Boulogne, Vaneau is also present on the French Riviera with 7 agencies, in Brussels with 2 agencies, has two offices in China and has specialised management services for life annuity sales and real estate management.

Vaneau is also a member of the international network of Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate.


  • 25 agencies Pairs, Neuilly, Boulogne, Cannes, Nice, Brussels, Hong-Kong, Beijing...

  • 2000 properties available to a domestic and international clientele and investors

  • 15 000 potential purchasers in our client portfolio

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The strength of a group

Vaneau agencies are not a franchise or operating under licence, but a whole group, garanteeings optimum service with the collaboration of all the agencies and services of the Group.

  • Icône Miami French Riviera
  • Paris
  • Brussels
  • Hong-Kong
  • Beijing

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